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Get Into Work
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The Towards Work programme will support you with those first steps towards gaining employment.

We have a team of specialist organisations who can work with you to support you in getting closer to your goals. You will receive one to one support to firstly make sure you are eligible to access our programme, before a personalised plan is agreed with you to look at overcoming barriers that may be holding you back from employment or education.

We will help you get closer to work, education or training in the following ways:

Our Work Coaches will work with you to agree the support you need to get you closer to your goals

We will help you to remain in work or training once you have secured a place, by working on some of the barriers you face

We will support you to feel more confident and ready to look for the right opportunities for you

We will provide you with a Personal Budget to help you access work. It can be used for things like child care, work equipment, training, bus passes, clothing and much more!

“I have found the programme helpful and supportive. My work coach is always available for me and I have had help with applications and interview skills. I am more confident and I am positive about my future chances of getting a job with the support I am getting.”

What Happens Next?

Once you feel confident to begin looking for work, you will meet your Job Broker.

Our Job Brokers specialise in finding local employers who understand the programme and find jobs and opportunities for you to apply to.

The Job Brokers will continue to work with you whilst in work to help you stay in work, access your Personal Budget and to make sure the role is right for you.

You will also be supported to find volunteering, work placement and job opportunities in your area.

Participant Journey


We recognise each individual is different, which is reflected in the service provided. Each participant begins their journey with a needs assessment which will form the basis of their plan.


Participants will receive one-to-one support from their Work Coach to help them to work through barriers and lead them along their own personal path Towards Work.


Work Coaches and Job Brokers will work with participants to identify employability and skills training needed and provide guidance to help participants explore career paths through:

  • CV building skills
  • Confidence training
  • Job interview skills
  • Approaches for job searching
  • Time management
  • Building confidence & self esteem
  • Personal development and life skills
  • Personal hygiene
  • Managing your anxiety


Workplace experience can often be a barrier for participants. Once ready and commitment is shown to the journey, our team work with employers to obtain work placements to build experience and skills before work.


Our overall aim is to secure employment or formal education for participants and once this has happened our In-Work support will continue for up to three months to help retain employment and complete the journey.

Start your Journey

Get started on your first step Towards Work by messaging us with some of your details.

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D2N2 Area

Towards Work is delivered throughout Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Derby and Derbyshire by a partnership of local organisations who specialise in supporting people into work.

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Mansfield & Ashfield

Bassetlaw, Newark & Sherwood

Groundwork Greater Nottingham

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Greater Nottingham

Groundwork Greater Nottingham

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Double Impact Nottingham

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Amber Valley, Erewash, Derbyshire Dales & High Peak

Derventio Housing Trust

[email protected]


High Peak Food Bank/Zink Employability

[email protected]uk


Derby City & South Derbyshire

Direct Help & Advice

[email protected]


Bolsover, Chesterfield & NE Derbyshire

Direct Help & Advice

[email protected]


Disability Specialist Derby / Derbyshire

Direct Help & Advice

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