The Towards Work programme delivers an ethical recruitment solution with no cost to an employer and is delivered by a partnership of local organisations who specialise in supporting people into work.  

Towards Work participants choose to begin their journey on a voluntary basis, rather than being mandated to do so.  This demonstrates their strong work ethic from the outset.

Our Job Brokers support job seekers to be ready for placement, work or voluntary opportunities with employers, through tailored one to one support packages.

Our participants have exclusive access to our bespoke online resource centre. This platform helps to ensure that you receive the highest quality of candidates.

“Thanks to my Work Coach I found a suitable job and don’t have to worry about my future. In the beginning of our work together I struggled with confidence but my Work Coach helped me believe in myself and I am very grateful for that!”

Participant Journey


We recognise everyone is different. Each participant begins their journey with a needs assessment which will form the basis of their Action Plan.


Participants will receive one-to-one support from their Work Coach and Job Broker to help them to work through their barriers.


Throughout their journey, participants will have access to the Towards Work Resource Centre. Its unique interactive tools support and enhance Job Searching, CV and Personal Branding, Interviewing, Skills and Wellbeing, in order for them to reach their highest potential.


Our team work to obtain work placements to build experience and skills before work. In-Work support is able to continue when relevant for up to three months to help sustain employment.

Employer Journey


Our Job Brokers will meet with you to discuss your opportunities; whether they be an offering of a work placement, volunteering or employment.


Our team have access to work ready participants, all of which will have begun their Towards Work Journey and can be matched according to both employer and participant needs and wants.


Upon successful appointment of an employee, our service can continue. The employee will have a dedicated Job Broker offering In-Work support for up to 3 months for both the participant and employer.


Participants can access a personal budget to cover training costs to help them sustain their role, pay for travel costs, child care and much more!

"I feel like I have the right sort of support and motivation into getting support with recovery and I feel like I am now moving forward "

Why Towards Work?

Through the Towards Work you will have access to people who want to and are ready to work. Our Job Brokers will work with you to promote your vacancies and find the right people for your roles.

We have access to:

  • High quality candidates supported through our bespoke Resource Centre
  • An accessible personal budget for new employees, which can be used for training requirements, travel, child care and much more
  • Short term In-Work support to encourage retention of roles
  • An ethical recruitment solution with no cost

Opportunities to improve the lives of local people through employment, work placements or offering volunteering opportunities

An improved Corporate Social Responsibility profile for your organisation

An opportunity to support a local community project

An overarching environmental charity

D2N2 Area

Towards Work is delivered throughout Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Derby and Derbyshire by a partnership of local organisations who specialise in supporting people into work.

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Mansfield & Ashfield

Sam Edwards, Job Broker



Amber Valley, Erewash, Derbyshire Dales & High Peak

Suzzanne Charlton, Job Broker



Derby City & South Derbyshire

Bolsover, Chesterfield & NE Derbyshire