Before joining the programme, I was a self-employed makeup artist for almost 5 years. I was doing really well in my field and established a great reputation within derby city/west midlands winning a BEX live best makeup specialist 2017 award. I worked extremely hard to get to that stage. As a single parent it was difficult trying to juggle parenthood and working full-time sacrificing school plays, sports days, and quality time with my son to attain what I thought was my idea of success. My world was turned upside down when my grandad passed away from cancer so quickly I had no time to process anything and slipped into a depression. I was so overwhelmed by guilt and grief going back and forth of how I should have been there more to help him, it plagued me for a while. Until I had a moment with myself where I was able to understand that I’m still here, I still have life what can I do better I wanted a career that I could grow in yet still have the flexibility to spend time with my loved ones.


The programme attracted me because of the one to one support you get to achieve your goals and support financially to achieve it. Not only that, your work coach cares about you and understands what affects you emotionally has an effect on you socially and how you come across with potential employers, so they help you to work on those barriers that maybe preventing you from gaining employment or going for that course you want to so that you become more confident and aware of those skills you have.


There have been so many positive changes that have happened since being on the towards work program. I was unemployed for 5 months but through being on this program I am now employed by the program as an ambassador which I love. Being able to share this program with others who are in the position I was in and show them that it actually works is amazing. I’ve learned new skills and its bought-out skills I never knew that I had and its given me hope for the future, I now know what I want to do which is so exciting and I get to spend quality time with my son and family as well which is a bonus.


The support I received was amazing even when I was applying for jobs with my work coach and getting knock backs my work coach kept me going which I really appreciate.


After being on this program and moving from being a participant to an employee I now know both sides of the fence I would love to be a mentor/work coach. Just meeting people with all different backgrounds and needs and seeing them progress would be such a great feeling so that’s where I see the direction of my career going.

The Groundwork Greater Nottingham Towards Work project is part of the national Building Better Opportunities Programme.

Jointly funded by the Big Lottery Fund & the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership’s European Social Fund allocation; the programme is delivered throughout Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Derby and Derbyshire by a partnership of local organisations who specialise in supporting people into work.

We aim to support with those first vital steps towards gaining employment through a personalised service and support to overcome barriers an individual may face.

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