I am a father of two. Before joining Groundwork, I was working as a security guard – a job I once enjoyed.  I became depressed and it wasn’t long before my depression took control and stopped me from working.


When Covid hit, it felt like there where less opportunities to get help and support and it was difficult to move forward in life.


I picked up a Towards Work leaflet on my travels, but didn’t really read it at first. I then saw another one and this time read it. I wanted help and support, so I made a self-referral to the programme and enrolled. Due to a separation, I became homeless and hit rock bottom.


This is when BBO came to the rescue. I was enrolled on the Towards Work programme and with their support I managed to get my depression under control. The programme gave me a sense of purpose, helped me improve my confidence and rebuilt my self-respect. They helped me to enrol on a CSCS training course which I have now completed.


The team were constantly on hand. They helped me with my rehousing, providing numbers and contact details – they even helped with the paperwork. Once I managed to find accommodation, they helped me purchase white household goods and recommended other agencies who could help me set up my new home.


Eventually, I was offered a new opportunity that would enable me to continue to work with the project. I successfully secured employment with the programme as an Ambassador to encourage others to engage and benefit the way I have.


I realised that, regardless of your situation, you get a sympathetic ear to talk through your troubles and are made to feel like you are valued in life. I have been overwhelmed by the help and support of the BBO staff – they are a great team

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