I came to Derby from a troubled relationship and loss of my family 5 years ago. Originally from Nottingham I didn’t know anyone or have family, I was on my own for the first time in my life it was either going to make or break me.

I was on income based jobseekers and actively seeking employment after being assigned a new adviser at the job centre I was unsure about the towards work programme at first however after speaking with the work coach she told me what support I would receive I didn’t realise how much the towards work could benefit me as a participant I was given one-to-one support in order to achieve employment and today I am a toward work ambassador talking, encouraging and gaining interest from people to have the same opportunity


I was really keen, I was not aware of support till I became a participant with transport, clothing for interviews and help with housing issues It really inspired me to give the towards work a chance restored my confidence grown in my ability to work and support people, listening and talking to and with people on all levels and I enjoy meeting new people as it was something I struggled with before towards work came my way.

I enjoyed getting up in the mornings going to work which is something I didn’t think would happen for me I can’t think of anything as I feel supported both as a participant and an employee of the towards work

Future aspirations I would like to go onto full time employment become a successful event coordinator the skills I have developed and learned as ambassador I know how to plan and organise myself and my time always had a very creative mind and attention to detail which I would need in this industry.


The Groundwork Greater Nottingham Towards Work project is part of the national Building Better Opportunities Programme.

Jointly funded by the Big Lottery Fund & the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership’s European Social Fund allocation; the programme is delivered throughout Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Derby and Derbyshire by a partnership of local organisations who specialise in supporting people into work.

We aim to support with those first vital steps towards gaining employment through a personalised service and support to overcome barriers an individual may face.


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