Jenn had suffered from poor mental health for several years. This considerably impacted her life and she experienced homelessness, followed by a short prison sentence.

These experiences caused Jenn to feel like a lost cause – feelings of no direction or purpose in life began to overwhelm her.

Jenn’s previous experiences had left her with significant trust issues and communication had broken down between Jenn and her family and friends, which left her feeling alone.

A friend of Jenn’s made her aware of the programme and the opportunities available. Her friend had gained employment through the BBO programme, which encouraged Jenn to take a chance and make her first step by referring herself.

Jenn has gained several new skills and qualifications in a short period of time since being on the Groundwork Towards Work programme.

She is currently studying at West Notts College, completing her Level 2 hairdressing course and has passed all her exams to date.

During her experience on the programme, Jenn outlined her passion for helping others. She is now employed and committed to her part-time job as a BBO ambassador.

She is meeting new people, attending jobs fairs and talking to potential applicants. She is enjoying learning new skills. Jenn is continuously challenging herself and pushing herself out of her comfort zone and improving her confidence and self-belief.

“I have realised I am not alone; I have more self-confidence and self-assurance. I am learning to trust more and focusing on building better relationships. I have gained friendship during my time on programme which I’m really pleased about.

I have also really enjoyed not having to worry or stress about funding needed for my hairdressing course or completing paperwork, as the project has supported me step by step and helped me focus on moving forwards.”

Jade Randall was Jenn’s appointed work coach and she was crucial at abiding by Jenn’s action plan, giving her plenty of support throughout her journey. She also continuously supported her through Jenn’s low points and negative mental health, keeping in communication and offering help and support to Jenn where possible.

Since her time on programme Jenn has gained 6 Qualifications within a year on the programme. She has also gained part-time employment and looking to build on this positivity in the future.

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