Ellie came to the programme feeling isolated, anxious and didn’t leave the house much. Ellie had been bullied in school and was facing a serious health issue which had left her withdrawn and unable to find employment after leaving school. With the help of the Towards Work Programme, Ellie was offered support to help find employment and receive support for her health condition from her GP. Customer service roles were considered for Ellie’s prospective job role her job coach believed it would help with her anxiety. A customer service role in a museum was then found, where she was called in for an interview. Ellie worked hard, prepared for the interview and, with the help of our work coach, got the job. She now has a renewed sense of purpose, confidence and feels, most importantly, happy and proud with herself.

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Hannah was referred by her Job Advisor to the Towards Work programme in October 2017.   Hannah is a single parent and was looking at getting back into work as her daughter was starting school and was interested in retraining…

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