Dave developed a serious substance abuse problem after growing up in the rave scene of the 1990s. After the birth of his son, Dave quit his drug habit, but unfortunately developed a serious dependence to alcohol. After confronting his issues, he went through a detox programme, Dave stumbled upon a leaflet for Groundwork and the Towards Work Programme. He joined the programme, and through a person-centred service, he discovered his true calling in life. He wanted to support those struggling with the same issues he once had. He then applied for a job with a drug and alcohol recovery charity and, after a successful interview, began work, where he now helps others overcome substance abuse addictions.

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One thousand and nine days ago, I woke up in cold sweats, paranoid, wondering how and when I’m going to get my fix. This morning I woke up and got ready to leave my flat for a new day at…

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Hannah was referred by her Job Advisor to the Towards Work programme in October 2017.   Hannah is a single parent and was looking at getting back into work as her daughter was starting school and was interested in retraining…

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